Appealing Consumer Features That Drive Designer Swimsuits Sales

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There are a number of key factors in play that help to drive designer swimsuits sales across domestic stores.

Yet there is often little focus placed on these elements as women tend to opt for what is trending, what is affordable or just what happens to be convenient and accessible in some cases.

Of course these topics do play a role, but there is more involved than just those surface level considerations.

Needless to say there is method behind the madness, placing an emphasis on striking the balance when developing these summer time valuables.

Stylish Materials

Sporting a designer swimsuits is a fashion statement, whether we like to admit it or not. From the models that showcase these fabrics on social media to mothers wearing something fitting for a beach outing, there is still a desire to look beautiful. A wide range of styles makes for an appealing prospect for buyers in the market, opting for a tankini, one piece, triangle top, underwire, enhancer bra, high-waist bikini and beyond. Bright colours that attract the eye will have a major advantage, but there are cooler colour schemes that will tap into corners of the market that are still in the ‘stylish’ basket.

Body Positive Shape Selections

Customers in the market for their very own designer swimsuits should not feel as though they should conform to a conventional body shape. These items are meant to be enjoyed in the outdoors and in the water, providing an advantage for outlets that can design materials for all shapes and sizes. This applies to hourglass shapes, pear, apple, rectangular and round. From the most petite at the size 4 range to the extra plus sizes of 20 and above, the greater the range – the more welcoming the business is to customers of all persuasions.

Affordable Pricing

What drives sales with a designer swimsuits brand is the same that drives all commerce – affordable pricing for consumers. If an item hits that sweet spot of showcasing quality and fits within the budgets of the target market, they will fly off the shelves. With minimal fabrics required to actually make the product, these goods can be provided for as little as $10-$15 depending on the material. Venturing beyond the $60-$75 range starts to turn off shoppers, so offering competitive prices has to be part of company policy.

Social Media/Digital Brand Recognition

The reputation of a designer swimsuits brand is a central factor that points to commercial success. In 2020 this domain will be intrinsically linked to the online space, seeing Instagram in particular take a leading role in making posts and advertisements go viral. This is a visual medium that entices younger women to track social media influencers and pop culture figures, tapping into their success and drawing inspiration from their use of the product.

Capacity to Mix & Match Items

two women in their bikinis

It looks great when there is a designer swimsuits on show at the beach or on the pool as the tops match the bottoms. There is consistency for the consumer and the brand captures the eye, offering a number of photogenic opportunities. However, with so many swimsuits and fabrics interchanging in the wash, it is those suppliers who empower women to mix and match with their items that is enticing.

What actually sells with a designer swimsuits can be subjective when just assessing the topic from a personal point of view. The fact remains though that the top brands in this industry have to tick these five essential boxes: stylish materials, positive body shape selections, affordable pricing, social media recognition and the ability to mix and match. If they can strike that unique balance, they will always be viable sellers in the competitive bikini market.

Arnas Simons

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