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That very first consultation with Cairns lawyers is a prime opportunity for local constituents to take advantage.

Many of these solicitors will work for firms who open their doors to members of the public, ensuring they are providing a public service while attracting more clients in the process.

Before walking through those doors, it is worthwhile posing some very central questions that will help to determine their skills, their personality and their fitness for the role.

“What Is Your Legal Specialty?”

Needless to say that not all Cairns lawyers have the same legal background and field of expertise. This is a wide-ranging industry with specialists working across different niches under the justice system. From criminal law to administrative law, family law, property law, corporate law and constitutional law, there are different categories in which a solicitor will preside. There are some operators who work across the spectrum, but it is always beneficial for a potential client to interrogate their portfolio and determine whether or not they are suited for the task at hand.

“What Do You Make of My Circumstances?”

It is necessary for a potential client to put Cairns lawyers into a blunt position, asking them about the legal circumstances in which the individual finds themselves. If they decide to waive the opportunity or offer vague and ambiguous terminology, that will be indicative of one of two facts – either they are not willing to take on the case or they don’t have the acumen to handle such a task.

“What Legal Options Do I Have?”

There will be different options at the disposal of a defendant and a plaintiff where Cairns lawyers can offer solutions on the table. A plaintiff who initiates a lawsuit can determine what claims they are seeking and how they would like to see justice carried out, although the determination is entirely out of their hands. A defendant is the party who is sued, accused or charged, placing them in an unwanted position where they will have to plea and determine whether or not they would like to appeal a ruling. By putting all of these options on the table, a solicitor will outline what positions they can take and illustrate alternate pathways to an ideal outcome given the circumstances.

“What Should Be My Short-Term Legal Plan?”

It is a good starting point to understand what legal paths can be taken either as a defendant or a plaintiff, but there should be a short-term action plan that Cairns lawyers can help with. Whether it is filing a motion in court, deciding which stakeholders to speak with and who to avoid, what documents should be signed and establishing a rough schedule of activities, creating a tangible action plan will help to alleviate many of the anxieties that can be experienced in these settings.

“How Much Do You Cost To Represent Me?”

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For Cairns lawyers to be official representatives of a client, they need to strike an official agreement where financial terms are settled. These firms don’t stick to a one-size-fits-all plan where every constituent, no matter their financial means, have to pay the same rates. Some of the high-end clients will be able to keep a representative on retainer, but others will have to operate on an hourly rate, through a fixed fee, a price commensurate with the legal outcome or, in an ideal world, working pro bono.

In 99 out of 100 cases, Cairns lawyers will be forthcoming, open and give local constituents the time of day to talk about their legal situation and offer tangible guidance. Even if those discussions do not end with an official agreement, they will be able to be used as a sounding board for legal advice and engaging other specialists who can make a complicated situation easier.

Arnas Simons

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