Why Residents Are Making The Switch Towards Artificial Turf in Sydney


It is a big decision for local residents to replace their natural lawn with a set of artificial turf in Sydney.

There will be some reservations and questions in some quarters about the project and how viable it is.

Whatever decision is ultimately taken for the city property, it is worthwhile taking into account what Sydney residents stand to gain if they are successful in the transition.

Keeping That Green Tinge

The visual appeal is one of the first key selling points that cannot be underplayed when identifying why local residents are making the switch towards artificial turf in Sydney. This is an aesthetically pleasing upgrade that provides a luscious green picture for residents, guests and buyers in the market. During these tough drought conditions, there is often a worn and tired look on the grass where the dryness and lack of moisture impacts on the brown, baron and dead turf for many city households.

Safer Environment For Families

Mums, dads and guardians alike who are looking after the health and wellbeing of children have a duty to minimise their use of toxic sprays in the garden. This is an issue that impacts upon homeowners who have to try and manage a natural lawn that is home to a series of pests, insects and rodents that do long-term damage to the property. Taking the plunge with artificial turf in Sydney takes them out of the equation altogether and ensures there is no need to purchase these fertilisers and pesticides that are a hazard to pets and kids when they are exposed.

Stop Watering The Lawn

With a large percentage of the state of NSW experiencing drought conditions in 2018 as well as many locations inside the city itself, the freedom not to engage in consistent watering for the property is a major asset. Artificial turf in Sydney becomes a far more attractive proposition when individuals realise that they are saving on their water consumption to help the cause and to save on their utilities bill in the process. From using a hose to liberally apply on the lawn or for the automated sprinkler systems, these items are no longer necessary following a successful implementation. 

Stop Mowing The Lawn

Mowing takes time, energy and money that many residents would like to reserve for other weekly endeavours. That is why making the switch towards artificial turf in Sydney makes sense for those mower owners, leaving the item in the shed or sold on the open market. When accumulating the price on the fuel, oil and maintenance fixes, these push and ride-on models lose a lot of their appeal and value without the need to level off the grass.

Long-Term Investment Opportunity

When many of these elements are brought together as a package, the inclusion of artificial turf in Sydney becomes a long-term investment opportunity. Although it will require a transaction to see the project through, the money that is saved on the back end from oil, fuel, mowing maintenance, fertilisers, pesticides and watering will accumulate to tangible savings over years and years. For those city residents who fancy a bit of forward thinking beyond an initial payment, they will see how much can be gained in the intervening seasons.

Free Quotes and Installation Expertise  

While all of the benefits for artificial turf in Sydney sound appealing on paper, the project becomes a more attractive proposition when a turf specialist arrives on site to deliver a free quote. Modern enterprises in the field of synthetic grass will go the extra mile for clients who are looking to make that major transition away from a natural lawn. This will offer a higher degree of transparency and allow any logistical issues to be negotiated ahead of time.

Arnas Simons

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