After the accumulation of the materials needed for the making of balloon columns the second step can be done. The materials required for the making of balloon columns are balloons, balloon pumps, fishing line, blunt needles, and glue gun with low temperature, fresh flowers, foliage, hooks, scissors, and clear shipping tape. After this the second step is to blow the balloons. It is to be noted that the balloons can be blown in different sizes which make tee pillar more attractive. The third step is to tie the fishing line to the end of the needle. The size of the knot is an important factor of getting the perfect balloon arrangements. It is always recommended to make the traditional knot, but the size of the knots can be varied on the basis of the size of the fishing line used by the maker.

The inflatable pillar has to be carefully made so that no gaps and fillings remain after the last step of making. The knot of the inflate balloon is the place where the next step starts. The maker have to thread the needle through the knot of the inflated balloon in such a way that the balloon does not get loosen up. It is always recommended to be careful enough in this step so that no pricking to the finger of the maker is caused. In this way lot of balloons have to be tied together in the same line. This will make it easier to hold the balloons together.

The colors of the balloons can be varying according to the taste of then user so that the arrangement of the balloons also has to be done very carefully. Like the colors the sizes can also be varied. After the joining of desired colors and sizes of the balloons the fishing line can be cut in the end. It is important to be noted that the balloons have to be tied together in the end of the fishing line. The balloon arches should look similar so that the knot of the earlier type must be followed in this step also.

Rhea next step is raising the arch where all the balloons have to be attached. The frame of the arch should be laid in the first step. The arch can be attached to the wall using the nails or hooks so that it won’t come out after hanging. The shape of the nails or hooks used should be in the shape of the arch. A space to attach the fishing line should also be given so that the balloons will be arranged in the proper frame. This is an important step in the making of inflatable frames.

The steps of making balloon arrangements are very easy until all the steps are done in the proper way. The making of the frame and the attaching of the frame to the wall have to be done using the nails and hooks only after making sure that the nails are placed in the shape of the arch.

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