We all like privacy when we are on a call or conversation, we could intimate this message in a polite way by using busy light attached to our phone. The red light indicator will give the message that we are using the head phone or table phone. We could select he manual mode of do not disturb light while we uses the phone. It is considered as the most respectable way of communicating that we need to be alone and concentrate on our talk.  

When we are interrupted in our job we became frustrated or irritated. We will find it difficult to come back to the normal stage, and that causes wastage of time. We use cabin busy lights to avoid such situations, we could switch on the engaged laminators when we are busy.  Unwanted involvement by others results in wastage of time; we will not get back the wasted time so using the occupied gleam is good for saving our valuable time. We could see that disturbance is a main reason for wastage of work time and it gives us an irritating mood. 

Understanding between the workers, management and the customers is required to solve this problem. All of them should keep the understanding regarding busy time and its indication by using working at brightness. This valuable equipment helps to get awareness about the importance of time to the fellow workers also. Busy light clearly communicate that the particular person is free or not without any verbal chat. He may attend an essential phone call or doing a major work for the company. It will develop slowly as a culture of respecting the time and privacy of other people.  

But we must remember that not to keep the ‘do not disturb’ mode always, since it may damage our relationship with others. We could give daily two free hours without the busy light. The intention of the designers of busy light is not to break all verbal communication but to encourage good work culture. Even if we put on the busy light we need not to be frustrated of any interference by our colleagues in an emergency situation. We must not use the busy light mode always, if we use it only when we need utter privacy and in confidential work we will get more acceptances.  

Disturbance may often come in the form of e mails or phone calls; we are not able to control this by using a busy light. We have to switch off or put in silent mode while we are doing an important job. Busy light usage with some regulations will definitely benefit the overall productivity of a company. We could see that implanting a busy light is not a costly affair, but the importance of time saved is very much valuable. Avoiding distractions will increase our attention capability also; an average man has an attention span of twenty minutes in a stretch. If we could improve this by five minutes, that will be a great achievement for the productivity.  

We could try this light in our office or work space as better way for communication that we are engaged. In a company or office set up we must implement this busy light system with a code of behaviours as mentioned earlier.

Arnas Simons

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