Benefits of Family Planning

Throughout the ancient times, women and especially couples had to depend on luck and prayer for family planning. Additionally, there were those that had the desire to sire but they could not when they need to the most. Further, there were couples that wanted to have spaced intervals before each child or have few children but they could not achieve that goal. As such, before the 20th century, there was no other way to family plan, other than abstinence. Fortunately, today’s couples have a variety of options when it comes to family planning methods. The following are benefits of undergoing family planning:

For health reasons, family planning is beneficial to both the mother and the child. According to a research by United States Agency for International Development, having children that are less than two years spaced can result in severe health challenges to both the mother and the kid. As such, family planning will help a couple to avoid high risky pregnancies. A number of Frequent and close pregnancies often results to hemorrhage or even maternal death. Young infants will also be separated from their mothers, a case which will result to abrupt weaning. Additionally, change of diet may expose them to diseases, malnutrition and infection since their bodies lack a good immune system.

Additionally, an additional child with an extra cost such as education, feeding, clothing, shelter and so on, all of which require a parent to plan ahead before conceiving. As such, when bringing that child to the world, you should ensure that you can give them the best education and environment to grow. There are particular family planning methods such as use of a condom that are ideal to most users. For example, it not only prevents one from getting pregnant, but also is the best way of avoiding getting sexually transmitted diseases.

From the above discussion, family planning is an essential tool to ensuring that people deliver and raise healthy kids, in a conducive environment. However, a couple willing to go for a family planning, should ensure they consult the right practitioner.

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